Help give back to those who have worked selflessly every day to serve their community. 

Here at Service Salute, we strive to give back to the essential workers who risk their lives every day to help those of us at home. Heroes like doctors and physicians work tirelessly every day to serve their communities and often do so without receiving any gratitude in return. 

​Service Salute's central goal is to make such workers feel appreciated and loved by their community through the use of letters. Although a handmade card may seem like an antiquated practice in today's digital age, we at Service Salute believe it is still the best way to show one's appreciation. 

Every week our volunteers send out hundreds of letters to hospitals across the country, allowing them to not only give back to their communities but also gain service hours and funnel their creativity in a productive way. If you are interested in joining Service Salute's mission, please click on the button below! 


 Hospitals we have sent letters to


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