• Can I mail multiple letters in one envelope? 

    • ​Yes! In fact, we actually recommend it to save both money and envelopes.

    • Just make sure to write the number of cards on the bottom left as well as the name of the organization (Service Salute) on the bottom right of your envelope. 

  • How many stamps do I put on 1 envelope? 

    • ​Normally you should put one. However, if you put more than 5 cards in 1 envelope, we recommend putting 2 or more stamps.

  • How many cards/letters should I make a week?  

    • ​We recommend a minimum of five but do as many as you can. Remember that you can always go back into your google form and change your response in case you do fewer/more than originally expected. 

  • When should we mail our letters?   

    • ​If possible please try to mail your letters before the following Saturday. 

  • How many service hours do we get for making cards?  

    • ​As a baseline 3 cards would get you one service hour. However, we realize that certain individuals like to spend more time on their cards, and in that case, we are counting on you, to be honest about the time spent making each card.  

  • How can I get my service hours signed? 

    • ​Please send an email and tell us how you want your hours to be verified (through an app, a digital form, etc)

  • Should I decorate my cards/ letters? 

    • ​Yes, you definitely should. Remember that these cards/ letters aim to brighten up the day of essential workers. Make it colorful and creative!

  •  How should I format the envelopes?

    • Right the address of the locations you wish to send you letters to on the bottom right corner of the envelope 

    • NO, you do not need to write your name/return address on the envelopes. This helps us protect your privacy and personal info

    • Refer to the diagram in the weekly emails for more info


If you have more questions please email us at servicesalute@gmail.com or use the chat function on our website. 



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