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Inspiration blog #6 + 2 Months Celebration

Dear Service Salute’s volunteers,

It has officially been 2 months since our first launch. We truly appreciate all of the volunteers who have been helping us with our mission. Although it has been almost half a year since COVID 19 became severe in the U.S, cases are continually rising across the country without any sign of it slowing down. COVID 19 has definitely had some negative effects on all of us. However, our situations can never be compared to those of the frontline workers--the heroes who ignore their safety and sacrifice their health to serve their communities. ALL OF YOU are truly amazing; you guys have helped us brighten the day of so many healthcare workers and also put smiles on their faces. WE CANNOT UTTER ENOUGH HOW GRATEFUL WE ARE TO HAVE AMAZING VOLUNTEERS LIKE YOU!!

With respect to week 7, these are some of our most favorite cards.

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